About Us

The beauty of every business is often the story behind how it started. When it comes to the fruition of Auto+ Performance, one thing is for certain: a love of all things automotive, a rooted history in the business, and a deep need for innovative automotive marketing led us here.

At Auto+ Performance, we recognize that changing the way you operate can feel like a considerable feat, especially if you’ve been in business a long time. The good news is that we have to. With a deep understanding of how the automotive industry operates and decades of knowledge in tried-and-true marketing tactics that produce results, we use your existing business model to help you fine-tune your actions and marketing strategies to align with your end goals. Our goal is to help you reach your goals.

Most importantly, we believe that well-balanced relationships with strategic partners and customers allow you, the owner, to have more control and influence over the way your business operates in the long run. This is our passion, and we want you to live our yours with our help.

About Auto+ Performance

Because we love all that you’re doing and all that you are, we wanted to give you a look into who we are and why we started out so you can understand how alike we truly are. Just like you, we have a deep understanding of what it means to be an integral part of the community we care for. We recognize how important it is to create a legacy in your shop for your families and their families and grow your brand and business to be something that you’re proud of.

Now… let’s dive into taking a look at the current state of the automotive world. We’re sure you’ve seen this, just like we have, but if not, we hope you can get a deeper understanding of exactly what we are up against.

We constantly see companies within the automotive industry rely on or have their business depend on other businesses to provide them with the work they need to stay afloat.

This leaves a massive opportunity on the table when it comes to self-promotion, viable marketing, and growing your customer base organically. Although the amount of work provided by other businesses is a great way to maintain a level of security and comfort on the books, why not grow your business to the next level by leveraging the right tools to help you gain customers directly? That’s where we come in.

At Auto+ Performance, we are not only leaders in the marketing industry but also specialize in the industry that is nearest and dearest to our hearts: automotive. With decades of experience, we have an unmatched level of understanding when it comes to all things automotive, coupled with the right tools and tactics to put you on the frontlines of becoming a customer-centric, profitable business.

Our Story

For as long as she can remember, owner, Venessa Di Vito has had a passion for all things cars. As a child of a shop owner, she was immersed in and inspired by her family’s work ethic, drive for success, and community ties both in the area she grew up in and the automotive industry. There was never a doubt in her mind that her future was set on raising the bar when it came to the automotive world. It is in her blood, in her mind, and, definitely in her heart.

Through all her time spent in the auto industry, she realized that the way automotive companies marketed their products and services fell flat. She saw a huge opportunity for business and brand recognition and elevation and wanted to make it happen for the industry she loved most in the world.

In 2020, Venessa decided to be the change the automotive industry has needed for years. So, with decades of experience under her belt and the drive to elevate the automotive industry exponentially, Auto+ Performance was born.

Throughout her strong automotive experience, Venessa has seen businesses work their entire lives and never live up to their full business potential, which was one of her driving factors behind starting Auto+ Performance. She believes that every automotive company should live out its dreams and reach its goals in a strategic and measurable way.

Working with automotive companies on a local, national, and global scale, she’s noticed that the exact same shortcomings have existed for 20+ years with no viable solutions. She knew she had to do something about it.

The largest problems she noticed included:

  • Lack of great marketing solutions
  • Major labour and skills shortages and lack of proper HR practices
  • Limitations on additional ways to grow income
  • Inconsistencies in quality of repairs
  • Fear of failure

The good news is that Auto+ Performance not only recognizes these industry-leading problems but also has the right plans in place to remove them from being continually problematic in your specific business venture. We believe that by acknowledging the problems at hand, together, we can come up with solutions that last.

Meet Our Founder: Venessa Di Vito

Venessa Di Vito was the girl that wanted her driver’s license when she was 5-years-old. In fact, at one point, she even wanted to be a racecar driver as her dad used to do work for a local driver in town and the exhilaration of it all deeply intrigued her.

At 15, her parents would let her drive their cars on their property parking lot and she would set up pylons and practice her reverse, parallel park, and other driving for hours. She has always had a love of driving and cars.

Not only does she have the passion, but the experience to prove that the start of Auto+ Performance was quite serendipitous.

Venessa has a very well-rounded knowledge of the industry because she grew up in the business. Her parents taught her a lot about what it meant to run an automotive business. As she grew, she not only worked for the family business but also ventured out and found herself working for the two large corporations.

She learned a lot from traveling across North America and visitation various collision repair centers and dealerships. From her time spent working within the industry, she has a slew of knowledge in estimating, bookkeeping, financials, human resources, and her favorite topic: marketing.

One of her biggest goals, outside of connecting and elevating her client base, is to be one of the best places to work for. She has always taken a considerable interest in leadership and excellent company culture. She wants to implement what she’s learned about creating a company that lifts up its employees and becomes more focused on the quality of work and employment as her company grows.

For Venessa, her drive behind creating Auto+ Performance was mapped out from the start. She has the unique ability and perspective to understand the current state of the automotive industry while also using her vast experience to leverage the industry to the next level as the need for marketing and promotion grows.

Our Mission

Our mission is simple: we want to see you succeed. We are your partner in achieving growth through sales, leads, and customer loyalty. We are here to help you own the market by having a powerful, all-in-one unique marketing strategy. Your success is what drives us.

Auto+ Performance was built to help collision repair facilities and dealerships overcome their business challenges by starting with a powerful all-in-one, marketing strategy that helps them grow, endure, and succeed in the market.

We want to see people make it, especially our people. We want to see family businesses grow and flourish. We want to repay all the hard work they have been putting in for years on end. We believe that strategic, industry-focused marketing is the way to reach your goals and we are here to help you through all stages of the process.

Our Vision

Our vision is clear. We want to establish the largest and most comprehensive automotive go-to marketplace hub for automotive marketing solutions for those who own and run collision repair centers, car dealerships, auto repair shops, and automotive businesses across North America.

Most importantly, we want to be part of the solution and help the automotive industry grow and prosper at its full potential.

Our goal is to provide automotive businesses with a powerful and comprehensive alternative to capture sales, increase profits, and form strong relationships with their local customers. As the automotive industry evolves, so should your plan to grow your business.

Our Culture

Transforming the automotive industry with forward-thinking, innovative employees behind the wheel.’

At Auto+ Performance, we proudly recognize that the people working with us are the foundational pavement on the road to success for our customers and company as a whole. Together, we can achieve and celebrate individual goals and dreams.

Deep and meaningful company culture matters to us. It sets the foundation for all good things to come to life for ourselves and our customers. It is something that we practice and work on every day. Part of our culture is the belief that communication is superior and every team member is always heard and able to flourish in the company doing what they genuinely love and are skilled in. We don’t believe in setting limits or barriers to employee growth. However, we do believe in utilizing each employee’s assets, skill sets, wants, and goals to help both the company and the employee grow. We realize that we are better together.

Our company strives for positive, uplifting, powerful, and supportive energy. Our goal is to create a fun and energetic place to work each day while making a difference in the automotive industry. We believe that strong company culture has the most significant impact on the bottom line and the relationships we build with one another and our customers.

At Auto+ Performance, we don’t believe in basic jobs; we believe in meaningful and fulfilling careers that allow you to travel through the road of life with joy and industry-leading advancements.

We are people-centric. We are customer-driven. We are industry-impacting. We are the next generation of automotive marketing. We are Auto+ Performance.
If our culture sounds like a great opportunity for you, please reach out or send us your resume to info@autoplusperformance.com. We can’t wait to hear from you.

Our Customers

While we believe a strong marketing strategy can move mountains regardless of industry, we like to divert our laser focus and expert skills to those who matter the most to us throughout North America.

We are the perfect fit to collaborate with:
– Automotive Businesses
– Collision Repair Facilities
– Car Dealerships
– Auto Repair Shops

If you consider yourself a changemaker or love to call the shots for the automotive-focused business you are a part of, we’d love to help you elevate your brand and extend your customer reach. Let’s connect!

Why is automotive marketing important?
Marketing is an essential part of any profitable business. It has become more critical with the increase in technology and social media. Brand awareness, consistent customer engagement, and community involvement are pillars in building a solid reputation and lasting relationships with your target customer base.

Without marketing, you are left with relying on others, such as insurance companies and franchises, to provide you with a steady line of work. Marketing for yourself not only builds your brand’s footprint within your local community but allows you to grow your customer base at your speed, leaving endless opportunities for an increase in profitability and business growth.

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